Social Media Marketing

Academy Instructor:

Social Media Marketing

Grades: 10, 11, 12

Credit: one

Course Code: 812526

Course Description:

Students receive an introduction to marketing functions and study the Internet and Social Media marketing's role in the global economy. Students gain knowledge of the tools and techniques used in Internet and Social Media marketing. They explore ethical, legal, and security aspects and prepare for a career in Internet and/or Social Media marketing. Academic skills (mathematics, science, English, and history/social science) related to the content are part of this course. Computer/technology applications supporting this course are studied. Classroom instruction will be reinforced through the use of outside lectures, case studies, and work-based learning experiences. DECA, the co-curricular student organization, offers opportunities in leadership, community, and competitive events. Internship opportunities are available for this course. Students combine classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training in an approved position with continuing supervision throughout the school year.

  • Industry certification may be available as part of this course.