Attendance Policies and Procedures

If your child attends an Academy course, all absences must be excused BOTH at their high school (base school) AND the Academy.

To report an absence with the West Potomac Academy Attendance Office, please use one of the following methods.

If you are unable to notify the Academy office by phone, please send a note with your student on his/her first day back or e-mail the academy office.

While at the Academy

All students attending the Academy from a high school other than West Potomac will be required to wear their student id badge.

Students are expected to attend all classes and arrive on time for each class.  Academy students and parent/guardians are expected to comply with these FCPS attendance policies at the Academy just as they do at their base school.

This applies to West Potomac High School students also

  • If you know your student will be absent ahead of time for any reason, a pre-arranged absence form must be completed and returned to the Academy Office as soon as possible.

After the 2nd day following an absence

  • If the academy office has not received a written or verbal explanation from a parent or guardian, the absence becomes unexcused.

FCPS Inclement Weather Policy

Academy Inclement Weather Policy