Learn about course enrollment


Choose a Specialized Program

  • Review the Academy and Other Specialized Programs Course Offerings to identify the course and location you are interested in attending.
  • Think about a second course choice if you are willing to enroll in another course at the same location in the event your first choice is full.
  • Discuss your course interests with your parent or guardian.

Meet with Your School Counselor

  • If you are currently a student at an FCPS traditional high school:
    • Meet with your counselor to review your academy/specialized program choice(s).
    • Your counselor will complete the online registration.
    • Check your e-mail regularly to confirm your application has been submitted by the deadline.

Registration Timeline

  • Date TBA - Academy application deadline. After this date, registrations will be accepted for courses on a space-available basis.
  • Date TBA - Admission decisions posted for school counselors

Student Visits to the West Potomac Academy

  • We welcome student visitors during our AM, Mid Day, and PM classes, Monday through Friday.
  • School counselors should contact Meredith Ayala at, West Potomac Academy Counselor, at 703-718-2752. It is important to us to make sure our visitors enjoy an excellent experience during their time with us.