Pharmacy Technician

Course Instructor

Pharmacy Technician I

  • Course Number 8305, 1-credit course

This course incorporates both classroom and clinical pharmacy experiences.  Students will be given the opportunity to meet state pharmacy technician competencies, as well as be exposed to the larger arena of pharmacy careers. Select students can participate in a clinical experience by completing an internship at a local pharmacy.

Course curriculum topics include: exploring the world of pharmacy, the role of the pharmacy technician in a variety of settings, customer service and interpersonal skills, finance, inventory control, leadership skills, medication maintenance, safety, and building a professional career portfolio. 

The study of Pharmacy Tech may lead to careers in nuclear pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacogenomics, pharmaceutical sales, and academia.  Within these career fields, jobs can be acquired in retail pharmacies, federal and state institutions, hospital and nursing home pharmacies, HMO’s, mail-order pharmacies, and pharmaceutical manufacture. 

Pharmacy Tech II (seniors only)

  • Course Number 8306, 2-credit course

This course incorporates Pharmacy Tech I topics and includes: assisting the pharmacist in serving patients, maintaining medical and inventory control systems, and participating in the administration and management of pharmacy practice. On successful completion of the course, students may sit for the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT), a nationally accredited certification exam.

As a transition year, seniors will be allowed to take both Level I and Level II concurrently. Visit the Verso website for more information, or contact your counselor.