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This class provides students instruction in dance with a focus of Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Tap. In addition, the class provides exposure to other styles such as Yoga/Pilates, African, and Hip-Hop. The course is offered from Levels 1-4 from beginner to advanced, based on previous dance experience. Students develop a more disciplined mind and body through daily instruction in technique classes. This course develops skills in basic movement fundamentals, placement and alignment, and dance technique for selected forms. Students apply dance vocabulary, study dance history, conduct criticism, learn improvisational skills, and develop further performance skills. The ultimate goal of this class is for every student to be encouraged and rewarded for an open-minded approach to finding the artist within themselves. 

Grade Level: 9-12 Credits: 1 or 2 credits


  • Dance I: Interest in Dance
  • Dance II: Dance I or 2 years dance experience in ballet, modern or jazz.
  • Dance III: Dance II
  • Dance IV: Dance III

*Auditions are required for students who want to enter Dance II without taking Dance I. Auditions will consist of the student learning three combinations in ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques. The student will then perform the combinations in small groups to showcase their level of skill. Students must also come to auditions prepared with a one-minute piece of choreography that will exemplify their performance skills as well as technique.

Careers in Dance & Related Arts

  • Choreographer
  • Dance/Arts Administrator
  • Dance Therapist
  • Visual Designer
  • Performer
  • Pilates Dance Conditioning Specialist
  • Teacher
  • Writer Researcher

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