West Potomac High School Academy Student of the Year

Communication & The Arts
June 10, 2022

West Potomac High School Academy's Student of the Year, Ture Duprey, truly represents what academy classes can offer students.  

Ture's TV/Media Production Teacher, Rob Giampapa, better known as Mr. G, had these words to say at the WPHS Convocation Ceremony as Ture was presented the Outstanding West Potomac Academy Student Award:  

"Find what you love and go after it with passion and I promise you that your life will be better for it.

I started teaching here 3 years ago, never taught a class of any kind before and this student was in 2nd period as a sophomore. His 2nd class, my 4th day teaching. He came up to me and said “I’ve got an idea, I want to interview students and talk about how bad this new cell phone policy is.” 

I waited until the day before graduation to tell Ms. Millard this. Sorry.

But, I looked at him and thought— creativity, opinionated, and rebellion— this is my guy. 

When I saw the quality of the videos he had that day, I knew he was different. 

From videoing countless sports here, videos for advisory, academy videos, not to mention in 2020 when school shut down, he was right there to help with anything for graduation, convocation, and the Academy awards. 

He has his own business, works with clients all over NoVa, music videos, product ads, highlight vids, fashion videos, you name it, he can do it. He’s the best videographer to come through these doors!

You may know him from his Instagram, @ture motions. The one and only, the van wilder of WestPo, make some noise for Ture the King Duprey-Cordner."