2021 West Potomac Academy Awards

Communication & The Arts
May 28, 2021

Welcome to the Premiere of the 2021 West Potomac Academy Awards.  

Thank you to the WPA TV/Media Productions students for the video production directed by Rob Giampapa and emcee Danny Ewell.  

Congratulations to all the winners and graduates!  

Noah Kokinda, 911
Meredith Endres, Biotech Foundations
Pierina Nunez, Criminal Justice 1
Andrew Ohene-Nyarko, Criminal Justice 2
Zachary Collison, Dance
Rohmena Mirwais, Dental 1
Crisel Rodriguez-Navarro, Dental 2
Martha Aleman, Early Childhood Careers 
Sereena Denham, EMT
Brooke McGraw, Exploring Health Sciences
Tylor Nugen, JROTC 1
Rivas Diaz, Alondra, JROTC 2
Joshua Oliver, JROTC 3/4
Soliana Abebe, Language of Medicine
Conrad McIntosh, Music Computer Technology
Oranus Yaqubi, Medical Assistant
Isabel So, Medical Assistant
Aaron Pozo-Aranda, Intro to Nursing
Megan Marhanka, Intro to Nursing
Gelila Ermias, Pharmacy Technician 1
Abby Frazier, Pharmacy Technician 2
Nia Baskin, PT/OT 1
Ashley Walthall, PT/OT 2
Aaron Nelson, Professional TV/Media Production 1
Owen Fleet, Professional TV/Media Production 2