Dental Careers Guest Speaker Series

Health Sciences
November 22, 2022

Dental Careers Guest Speaker Series:

Dr. Tamara Garrett visits the Dental students several times over the course of the year to support curricular topics and provide Career Prep information.  She worked with students in October on resume writing, interview skills, conducted mock Interviews and discussed college readiness and scholarship opportunities. 

Pacific Dental spoke to Dental, level 2 students to prepare them for Internships and shared best practices for career preparation:  resume skills, interview strategies, and reviewed soft skills and had students develop an elevator pitch. 

Mark Weil, class of 2017, currently in dental school, spoke to dental students about his career path and opportunities students should take along their professional journey. 

Daval Shah is a former WPA Dental student currently at VCU Predental and works as an oral surgery assistant.  He discussed with current dental students about college readiness.