Health Sciences
June 16, 2020



Virginia HOSA State Officer:  Tierney Offringa, (WPHS) PT/OT level 2 student, elected to the Executive Council position of State Reporter (March 2019).  Duties for the 2019-20 school year included 3-day leadership conference in July 2019, once a month leadership/planning meetings in Charlottesville on Saturdays, 4-day Washington Leadership Conference in September 2019, participate/plan Fall Leadership Confernce in Fredericksburg in October 2019, and prepare for the Virginia HOSA State Leadership Conference planned for March 2020, (cancelled). 

Virtual HOSA, Clinical Specialty Winner:  Ashley Walthall, (Mount Vernon HS) PT/OT level 1 student was able to participate in this year’s Virtual VA HOSA SLC

VA HOSA SLC Virtual Awards Ceremony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=harWHV57Zd4&feature=youtu.be