Student Wins 1st Place in National Video Production Contest

E-News Winter
February 23, 2024

TV/Media Production Academy Program announces student winner and many other great projects completed...  

Grant Parsons, a Senior Level 3 student in West Potomac Academy's TV/Media production, won 1stplace in the American Banker’s Association Lights, Camera, Save! National video contest. Grant’s 30 second video, Don’t Burn That Bread!, was selected 1st out of a pool of teenage students from all across the country. 

This is the 2nd time in 3 years that the 1st place winner of the contest has come from West Potomac Academy TV/Media Production. 

Grant is the best video editor in program’s history and also led the production for Edison Academy’s promotional video shoot.

The Level 2/3 class participated in the largest production in class history for Edison Academy. Took a crew of 16 for 2 full days at Edison to film 11 academy classes over 13 periods. The class then took the footage and created a video for each class and 3 overall videos for the Academy. 14 videos for a client with a crew that size, class schedules, organizing, categorizing, and many moving parts is a challenge for a professional company, but not for our students! 

2nd quarter alone we had Grant in top 5, a student from our class took all of the photos for the current theater play, another student had a photo from the Washington Auto Show posted by Arizona Ice Tea, 2 students accepted to film school, job shadowing opportunity for a college athletics team promo shoot, and collaborated with the theatre department for head shots for actors.  

We are very proud of our creative hard working production students!