Students Participate in Emergency Simulation

E-News Spring
May 08, 2024

West Potomac Academy EMT, 911 Dispatch and Criminal Justice students participated in an emergency simulation exercise with community public safety partners.  The scenario was an intoxicated driver drove a car through a group of students in a school parking lot.  As emergency vehicles arrived on the scene, students manned the emergency situation under the guidance of the safety and EMT professionals. 


The 2024 DPSC – FCPS Joint Public Safety Exercise is completed. Big thank you to our Fairfax County public safety partners from, FRD, FCSO, and FCPD. The willingness to share in their professional expertise provided valuable insight for this exercise. This event could not have been possible without the sustained collaboration between the West Potomac H.S. – Academy and DPSC members listed below.


West Potomac H.S. – Academy

Jennifer Alpers – Administrator, High School Academy

Maria Kappel – Career Experience Specialist

Brian Colligan – Criminal Justice

Danny Ewell – Criminal Justice

Leonell Teller – EMT/9-1-1 Dispatch



COM Jessica Daza

COM Gillian Ethridge

COS Lilie Quach

PSC III Jill Ramos Velez

PSC III Vatisha Hamlett

Redic Morris, Strategic Planning Manager


A special thank you to Principal Statz for her presence and role player participation.